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How And Where To Watch “Spider-Man No Way Home” In Canada?

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Who doesn’t love the old web-slinger?! Marvel’s Spider-Man swung into the box offices of the world, bringing home a record-breaking amount of money and awards from audiences eager to see how the third installment in the new Spider-Man trilogy played out.

If you want to watch the movie again or have been one of the few people who haven’t seen it, then you need to check out this article.

There are several ways to watch the movie in Canada, and we are going to go over them all. So read on, and we will get you watching Spider-Man No Way Home in no time at all.

How To Watch Spider-Man No Way Home In Canada

Purchase or Rent The Movie

The movie is available to rent or purchase through several online storefronts. These include:

  • Amazon Prime video store (and you don’t need an Amazon Prime account to gain access).
  • Apple TV/iTunes Store.
  • Google Play Store. While the prices can vary by retailer, you can buy the movie for $24.99 to purchase and for $5.99 for rent.

If you want to purchase the movie, you can choose to wait for a sale, and you might be able to snag it for a good deal.

Spider-Man No Way Home is a great movie, and if you go into it without a lot of prior knowledge or having seen the first few Spider-Man films, it will hit you differently on the first viewing. Then if you go and rewatch it after you have all that knowledge, you will be able to see all the little details put into the film.

But if you decide that renting isn’t an option and you don’t want to own what many critics are calling the best Spider-Man movie ever made, then you’ve got another option: streaming.

Streaming Options

Man Watching Tv

There are a few places you can stream Spider-Man No Way Home, including:

Spider-Man No Way Home is available for streaming on Amazon Prime Video, and that does require an account to access. You can get an Amazon Prime Membership for $9.99 a month or $99.00 per year in Canada, and if you are a first-time subscriber, you will be able to get a 30-day free trial.

Now, due to the very complex legal rights surrounding Spider-Man, it can be very hard to stream the movie on a show like Netflix or Disney+, as those services aren’t available in Canada (and in the case of Netflix, Spider-Man No Way Home isn’t available and is only showing on the India, Hong Kong, Italy, Malaysia, Thailand, and the Philippines Netflix services).

However, there are plenty of ways to stream Spider-Man No Way Home by using a VPN service to change your Netflix region or even watch it on the U.S. only Disney+.

What Is A VPN?

A VPN, or a Virtual Private Network, is a system that protects your data, keeps your web history anonymous, and also provides the ability to change where your server is coming from. This allows you to access geo-locked websites and get around location restrictions, which certainly has its benefits.

Even though VPNs are easier than ever to use and also easier than ever to install, that doesn’t mean every VPN is created equal. There are a lot of VPN options that you will run into whenever you start looking around, and you shouldn’t just download the first one that you see.

Some VPN services might have things you don’t need, or might have too many features that can overwhelm you and can make the simple act of streaming a movie completely complicated. But we’ve got a lot of VPN services here that are simple and do what they need to do.

Choose The Best VPN

Here are some of the best VPN services that you should look at.

Nord VPN



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Nord VPN is one of the most popular VPNs around, and it has also been around for a very long time too. It comes at a low price, offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, and gives its users access to 24/7 live chat.

It also beefs up your security as well by using the industry standard AES-256-GCM cipher and HMAC SHA256 hash authentication, which are both green flags.

They also support various VPN protocols, including their own service called NordLynx, along with Double VPN and Onion over VPN network. All of these increase your security and the number of servers between your current server and give you a much higher level of encryption as well.

Nord VPN also has threat protection as well, giving you more security and protection from viruses and cyber-attacks. But all that security doesn’t cut down on the speed of this network or its ability to navigate around local restrictions.

Finally, Nord VPN is very cheap in terms of pricing and can even be bought with cryptocurrency. The complete edition comes in at $143.76 for the first two years (or $5.99 per month), the Plus edition is priced at $107.76 for the first two years (or $4.49 per month), and the standard is priced at $83.76 for the first two years ($3.49 per month).


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Express VPN


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Another top VPN service that you can find is Express VPN, which gives you amazing connection speed, quality, and a strong capability for unblocking content. It also has access to over 3000 servers in 94 countries, and unlocking is a snap done with a simple connection.

Additionally, Express VPN also has an addon called Media Streamer, where you can access blocked content even on devices that aren’t compatible with a VPN.

So if you have a device like a gaming console that isn’t compatible with a VPN, you can still use that device to access previously blocked content. Speaking of compatibility, you can access ExpressVPN support on various platforms, including Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, Windows, and FireOS.

The only real limiter with ExpressVPN is that it only supports having five devices logged in at a time. So if you have more than five devices in your home, then you will need to log in and out of them in order to stay at or under the limit.

While this won’t be a problem if you don’t have multiple devices, you do need to make sure that you are aware of this limit if you do have a large family.

Thankfully, ExpressVPN does all of this stuff and doesn’t break the bank, either! It offers several plans, all with a 30-day money-back guarantee, and it will only cost you 8.93 a month for their 12-month plan.

IP Vanish

IP Vanish VPN

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IP Vanish has been a contender for the top spot of VPNs for a while now, but it has always suffered by not being able to unblock a lot of content on streaming platforms.

It could previously only unblock Netflix in the United States, but now it has the ability to unblock Netflix in the UK, India, and Japan. It can also unblock Hulu, Disney+, HBO Max, BBC iPlayer, and ITV, among others.

It provides fast speeds for every single server with regard to download speed, upload speed, and also the quality of the download. You won’t need to worry about your movie buffering here!

Finally, it is also a safe VPN with world-class security features, including military-grade AES 256-bit encryption, and other advanced protocols, along with Open VPN, which is used to make it look like you aren’t using a VPN at all.

It also has a no-logs policy and is independently audited as well, so your data is kept protected and secure.

The pricing is also reasonable as well, with monthly pricing at $11.99 a month, two-year pricing at $3.33 a month, and one-year pricing at $3.99 a month.


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What Is Spider-Man No Way Home About?

Spider-Man No Way Home picks up directly after the second film ‘Spider-Man Far From Home’ ends. Spider-Man’s secret identity as Peter Parker is revealed, and he has to deal with the loss of anonymity as the world starts to put even more pressure on him.

Feeling overwhelmed, Peter goes to Dr. Strange to restore his secret with magic, and the powerful spell goes out of control.

Characters from other universes (The Universes of the 2002 Spider-Man and the 2012 Amazing Spider-Man, respectively) start to cross over into our universe, and Spidey needs to take on his toughest enemies yet while teaming up with allies who are just like him… in a way.

It’s a fun movie that rewards everyone who has seen all three trilogies of Spider-Men, and brings the classic fun we’ve all associated with Marvel movies.

Plus, getting to see all three Spider-Men on the big screen, as well as some of the cinema’s most amazing spider villains, is just amazing.

Do I Need To Watch The Other Spider-Man Films To Understand This One?

Spider-Man Film

With three movie universes worth of heroes and villains colliding in Spider-Man No Way Home, you might wonder if you need to watch the first Spider-Man trilogy or the Amazing Spider-Man set of movies to understand what is going on.

Not to mention Tom Holland’s two previous movies: ‘Spider-Man Homecoming and Spider-Man Far From Home.’

While you can sit through all seven additional movies before settling in to watch No Way Home, and all of them are great movies in their own right, you don’t need any additional setup to watch No Way Home. Previous events and spoilers for the past movie are alluded to, but they don’t need too much prior knowledge to understand.

And No Way Home, picks up literally where the previous movie in the trilogy left off, with a very handy recapping of events so newcomers won’t feel left out.

So you can watch the extra movies in the Spider-Man universes, and they are all pretty good for their own reasons, but they can be considered optional.

What About The Rest Of The Marvel Movies?

The Marvel universe of movies and media has expanded quite a bit, to the point where it would take literal weeks to get through it all. However, the rest of the Marvel movies aren’t needed to understand or appreciate No Way Home.

Again, past events are alluded to, as the movie does come right after Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame, but you don’t need any prior knowledge to get into the film.

Get Excited To Watch Spider-Man No Way Home!

Whether you buy it, rent it, or stream it, you will be taken on an epic and emotional journey as three Spider-Men come together to battle the forces of evil. So grab some popcorn, use your method of choice to get the movie on your screen, and prepare for an amazing time.