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Where And How to Watch Succession In Canada?

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After two long years, the fourth season of Succession is finally returning to the screen. It is the perfect time to catch up on previous seasons before the new mind game begins. The new season shows the family regrouping from their futile coups while a new power slides in.

You may be left frustrated after not finding Succession on major streaming platforms in Canada. To watch the show, you may not have to pay anything extra. It could well be included in your current subscription without you realizing it.

Where To watch Succession In Canada?

Succession is an American show. Although the show has gained widespread support in Canada, there are only a few channels available to watch Success in the country.


Users can stream the show on Crave, which is a Canadian streaming platform. Here you can stream Succession when you sign up for a monthly subscription package.


Alternatively, users can also buy the show on Apple TV. Due to licensing issues, the show is not currently available on other platforms. The new season is also not set to air in Canada so viewers may have to wait a little longer for the show to be launched so any platform.

How To Watch Succession In Canada with a VPN?

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In the US, Succession is through several channels.

Subscribers to those platforms can watch the show at no additional cost. Canadian viewers do not have to feel discouraged yet. With a simple internet tool, viewers can stream shows and movies regardless of location.

A VPN changes your digital location by bouncing off the signal to another server located in a different region before sending it to the destination. It lets the server believe you are in another country. Thus, the system will feed you content based on the location.

Viewers have been using a VPN to unlock content not available in Canada for years. Many American TV series and blockbusters do not grant a license to stream outside of the country. Therefore, using a VPN is the best option unless you are willing to move to the US.

Using a VPN is legal in Canada, whereas streaming and downloading copyrighted content is not. Torrent content or spreading copyrighted shows are illicit activities punishable by law. These websites are also not regulated, exposing underage viewers to lots of violent and sexual spam. Many of those files contain viruses. Installing these programs will inject the virus into your devices.

It is never advised to watch any shows on unverified platforms. A VPN is the safest way to watch Succession in Canada without getting into legal trouble.

About Succession

Premiered in 2018, Succession is an award-winning HBO family drama TV series. The critically acclaimed show unravels the power dynamics of a dysfunctional billionaire family as the media conglomerate gradually succumbs to his health conditions.

Every family member plots to take over the empire while preparing to form allies and fight against their own blood for money and power. Succession has been nominated for and won the Golden Globes, the Emmys, the Satellite Awards, and more.

Following its hiatus in 2021, the show has been renewed for a fourth season. The new season is set to premiere in March 2023. The fourth season continues to see chaos after the unsuccessful attempt to seize power. A sale deal with a tech mogul is also set in motion, threatening each family member’s power in the company.

Can You Watch Other Shows In Canada with a VPN?

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Yes. A VPN diverts your online footprint, linking you to any location of your choice. For example, if you have subscribed to Netflix in Canada and want to watch a show that is only available in Netflix UK, you simply need to change the location to a British server.

As long as you are a subscriber of that platform, you will be able to access the show. Geo-restricted content is common in Hollywood and around the world. Producers and companies may not wish to sell the right to broadcast elsewhere.

You can maximize your subscription with a VPN. You will find 10 times more content in total. The only inconvenient part will be the audio and subtitle collection. Regions do not provide standardized audio sources and subtitles.

It can happen that some shows are unavailable in their native language in another country. You may also not find your usual subtitle preferences. Other than that, you can enjoy these shows as usual.

Popular streaming platforms rarely restrict users’ freedom and limit their options. For smaller platforms, specific terms and conditions may apply. You may only be allowed to log in to your account in your registered country. If you are unsure how your subscription works, it is essential to contact the streaming platform for clarification.

How To Choose The Right VPN Provider To Watch Succession?

Canada is a big country where VPN services are thriving. You will find most providers to be reliable. That said, there are some factors to take into consideration when choosing your next provider.

Take a look at their server speed. VPN providers will give you an idea of their capacity and how the service works. You should pay attention to how it could potentially slow down your internet. Sometimes, rerouting the network can cause a significant delay that affects live streaming quality.

Some VPN providers will explicitly tell customers the minimum internet speed required for certain activities to give users an idea. In general, if you rarely suffer from buffering problems, this issue is not likely to affect you.

Second, you can compare packages in a similar price range to see which reaps the most benefits. The package states clearly how many devices can be connected simultaneously and how many people can share the account. Some providers have stricter rules on sharing accounts, while others are fairly lenient.

If you know anyone with an existing VPN plan, it is sensible to ask them for a referral code. VPN companies often give out referral codes so new customers can enjoy discounts while existing customers can get some cash back. It is a win-win situation. If you are an influencer, you may even get your own affiliated link for promotion.

Finally, don’t forget to choose a powerful anti-virus software that goes with it and practice internet safety protocol. A VPN can’t warn you from visiting phishing sites, nor does it block contaminated files.

These are jobs for your anti-virus app and firewall. It is important that users do not mistake the functions of a VPN and understand the importance of fully covering their internet session.

Benefits Of Using a VPN

Watch Sling TV Canada

Aside from the obvious joy of being able to watch your favorite show anytime and anywhere, there are also other benefits of using a VPN.

Internet service providers will sometimes slow down your internet when they see excess data accumulating from your browsing. A VPN frees up the data, preventing your internet speed from being held down. There will not be any bandwidth-throttling.

When you travel to countries with a censorship system in place, you can still access the internet by bypassing the censored server. It helps you search for the information needed. However, users should bear the responsibility to check whether VPNs are legal in the country or not.

Sports fans will regard VPN as the greatest invention of the century. Region-locked events and competitions sometimes do not broadcast overseas, leaving eager fans disappointed. This is when you can browse from the UK or European network for any European football league games. You can view the live stream without any disruption.

Getting a VPN is a much cheaper choice than subscribing to every local channel. For all you know, your current paid channel may have all the shows you want available in other countries.

Instead of paying for a second channel locally, you can use the VPN to change the location and still enjoy the show from your subscribed channel. In the long run, it will be much cheaper for movie fans to enjoy the production.

It encrypts all your data so your privacy is not sold to commercial entities for profit. You can retain your personal information, shopping habits, and internet preferences even when you are active online. Keeping your head low is a luxury these days if you don’t know the right way to do it.

The numerous benefits mean everyone should be using a VPN to fight against cybercrimes and remain as low-profile as they wish. Using a VPN rarely comes with any consequences aside from a possible drop in internet speed. The negative side is so trivial that there is no reason for users not to activate a VPN before they go online.

Shows like Succession

If you are a big fan of Succession, you will adore the following HBO TV series as well. You can watch all these shows on HBO Max, saving you from subscribing to endless channels for your entertainment.

Yellowstone is one of the trending shows on HBO. The neo-Western style and meticulous custom designs have set an ethereal stage for the story to unfold. It follows the Dutton family business development in Montana.

The enticing chemistry has put the show on the top-performing series this year. Fans are excited to see a well-made cowboy series with a heavy storyline. It is not as lighthearted as Succession but it will surely keep you on your seat.

If you are into the whole Succession chaos, Arrested Development is just up your alley. It is a critically acclaimed sitcom following a dysfunctional family’s attempts to lead the same extravagant life they led before losing their wealth. It’s the perfect choice for binge-watching.

The plot is not complicated. You don’t have to follow every episode to understand the story, which is a relief for those who often struggle to keep up with their favorite shows.

Succession is heavily political. If you adore the whole scheme-plotting, evil-family type of drama, House of the Dragon is another good choice for you. The show has no shortage of dysfunctional families in it.

It does not explicitly expand on each family but it does contain a lot of coup-plotting and revenge against family members. Viewers will be happy with the chaotic vibes and intense pace to keep up.

HBO Max is known to produce and host high-quality shows. Its stock may not be as vast as Netflix but it surely aims for higher quality than higher quantity. Whether you have subscribed to HBO Max for Succession or other shows, you will be pleased with its freshly updated show lists every week.


Succession is a must-watch show for loyal fans. No one can let it slip past without knowing what happens to the political wrestle. It’s time to sit tight and binge-watch the last three seasons before the new season comes out in March.