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Here’s How To Watch Superstore Season 6 In Canada: A Quick Guide

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If you like sitcoms and office humor, you will like watching Superstore. This show has six seasons in total, with the show first starting back in 2015. The latest season was released in 2021 when the show had its finale.

This show was first aired on NBC and it is a primarily American show. However, some of the seasons have been made available in other countries. For those in Canada, finding season 6 of the show can be difficult as not many Canadian networks have it available.

To figure out where you can watch season 6 of Superstore in Canada, keep on reading.

Where To Watch Superstore At a Glance

Don’t want to read further on? Get all of your information about where to watch season 6 of Superstore right here.

In Canada, you can watch Superstore through the following sites/platforms:

It used to be possible to watch all the seasons of Superstore through Netflix. However, since January 1st, 2023, Netflix has removed Superstore from many of its connected countries.

Before You Start, You Will Need a VPN

Free VPN

Sadly, there aren’t any locations where you can stream season 6 of Superstore in Canada without the use of a VPN. To use the following services, you will need to download a VPN onto your device of choice. Downloading a VPN is super easy to do and is completely safe for any device you have. We will go through how to do this later.

Here’s Where You Can Watch Superstore Season 6

Global TV

Now that Netflix is no longer the top option for watching season 6 of Superstore, Global TV has taken its place. Global TV is a Canadian TV network plus streaming service that allows Canadians to watch many popular shows worldwide.

All you have to do is verify your information when signing up with the Global TV app and you will have access to season 6 of Superstore. As long as you have access to the Global TV network, you will be able to download the streaming service app and sign up for free!

Apple TV

Apple TV allows you to buy season 6 of Superstore in Canada for about $20. When you buy through Apple TV, you will then own the entire season of Superstore so you can watch on any device connected to your Apple account over and over again.

For those who like to own the TV shows that they watch, this is a great option for having permanent access to season 6 of Superstore.

Google Play

If you don’t have an Apple TV or don’t want to buy through Apple, you can buy through Google Play. Technically, you will be buying/renting the season through Google TV, but it is all under the Google Play name.

With Google Play, you will be able to watch season 6 of Superstore with any device that you have logged in with your Google account. This makes watching incredibly easy to do and allows you to watch season 6 from anywhere you want.


The last option to easily buy season 6 of Superstore in Canada is with the Microsoft store. If you don’t have either Apple TV or Google Play, you most likely at least have a Microsoft account. With any device connected to your Microsoft account, you will have access to the Microsoft store.

From there, you can look up Superstore and purchase season 6. Again, you will be able to watch the episodes as many times as you want without any monthly charge.

The prices for buying season 6 through any of these three platforms are roughly the same, so it is all a matter of personal preference. Buy season 6 of Superstore to watch in Canada with any of these previous options.

Prime Video

Buy 1 episode or the entire 6th season of Superstore on Prime Video. Once you have your VPN installed and ready to go, you can head over to Prime Video and make your purchase. Once you buy an episode or season, you permanently own that content to watch whenever you want. The price for the whole season is $20.


With your VPN, you can watch season 6 of Superstore on Hulu. The lowest plan price for Hulu is $7.99 per month which doesn’t just allow you to watch all of Superstore but also allows you to watch many other wonderful shows as well.

Watch anything you want by signing up for Hulu, including season 6 of Superstore.

Superstore Has Left Netflix

Woman Connecting Netflix

Netflix used to be one of the top options for watching Superstore in Canada as it had all of the seasons. However, as of January 1st, 2023, all seasons of Superstore have been removed internationally as the show had come up for renewal.

Several of the NBC sitcoms that people have loved for a long time are being removed from Netflix. This news has upset many viewers as it has limited the options for where you can find several shows.

While Netflix would have been the top option for watching Superstore season 6 in Canada, it is now time to look at other options.

How To Download a VPN

Some people associate downloading a VPN with copyright law problems and viruses. However, know that downloading and using a VPN is a very common thing to do. Many people have downloaded a VPN onto their devices so they can watch TV shows and movies that are only available in other countries.

Some people prefer to use a VPN because it gives them more privacy when they are using the internet. When websites are constantly trying to collect your data, some feel safer when they use a VPN to hide much of their digital information.

Of course, some people abuse the power of a VPN and do illegal activities, but we don’t condone any of that. Instead, we encourage the safe and legal use of VPNs to watch shows and movies that you want to see but aren’t available in your country.

You can download a VPN on your phone, other mobile devices, PC, or even your Smart TV. The process is slightly different for each device, so let’s get into each one.

Downloading a VPN On Your Device

For phones and other mobile devices, downloading a VPN is exactly the same as downloading an app. Head over to your app store and search for VPNs. There are many free VPNs that work super well and are completely safe to use.

Make sure that your free VPN is safe by checking its rating and reviews of it. You should find one with high reviews as the creation of free VPNs has also come with some sketchy VPNs. Avoid sketchy VPNs by making sure that there are high ratings.

Once you download the VPN app, you will be asked to create an account. When inputting your location, select the United States for Superstore access.

Downloading a VPN On Your PC

It is just like downloading any other application. Find a highly-rated VPN online and follow its download instructions. Again, when you get to the point of putting in your location, make sure that you select the United States.

Downloading a VPN On Your Smart TV

Finally, downloading a VPN on a Smart TV is the trickiest. Some Smart TVs, like Apple TV, will allow you to download a VPN directly through the TV’s app store. However, if your Smart TV box doesn’t allow you to download a VPN directly, you have two slightly trickier options for downloading a VPN.

First, you can share your VPN from your computer with your TV by using an ethernet cable. Otherwise, you can download a VPN using a 3rd party app on your TV. Each TV box requires different instructions for downloading a 3rd party app, so be aware before you choose that option.

Once you have your VPN installed and selected the United States, you are ready to watch season 6 of Superstore using one of the following options.

What Is Superstore About?


Superstore is about “An oddball family of employees at supersized megastore Cloud 9 tackles the day-to-day grind of rabid bargain hunters, riot-causing sales and nap-worthy training sessions.” According to Rotten Tomatoes. There is always some form of chaos happening with this family that gives this show a comedic touch.

Each of the members of the family has their own strong personality that sometimes works with or clashes with one another. If you want a fun and low stake show to put on while you make dinner or wind down after a long day, Superstore is perfect for that.

Is Using a VPN Safe?

As we stated before, using a VPN is completely safe to do. So many people use VPNs to watch shows they otherwise wouldn’t be able to watch in their country. It allows you to watch shows and movies from all over the world without any extra costs. If you have a free VPN, you won’t have to pay anything extra to watch a show from a different country.

VPNs are legal as long as you don’t use them to steal content and break copyright laws. A VPN works by hiding your information and data online from sources and cookies that try to collect your data. It essentially makes you invisible in the digital world, which allows you to change your location to a different country.

Before downloading your VPN, make sure that it is coming from a reputable source that hasn’t had any data breaches or controversies. Not all VPNs are made equal, especially with the rise of free VPNs. By checking and making sure that your VPN is legit, you make sure that you won’t be led to sketchy sites that can cause you to lose your data.

Watch Season 6 of Superstore Today

Even if you are in Canada, you can watch season 6 of Superstore with a variety of different viewing options. You have options for buying the season, episodes, or watching the show through a streaming service.

Get more options for watching Superstore by downloading a VPN. This will allow you to use platforms such as Prime Video and Hulu to gain access to this show. VPNs are safe and easy to use, so don’t be afraid of trying one today.

You can watch Superstore for free by signing up with your Global TV account. This will give you access to all of Superstore along with all the other shows that are through the network too.

Watching season 6 of Superstore just involves a few steps that won’t take you any time at all. From there, you can watch an episode 1 at a time or sit down and binge the entire season right away.

Superstore is a fun and chill show that can be either put on in the background or binged all the way through.

Whatever your viewing preference is, we support it!