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Can You Watch Tencent Video in Canada? Guide to Accessing the Platform

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Are you looking for a way to stream content from the Chinese on-demand streaming service Tencent? Tencent is China’s most popular entertainment service, with more than 63-million subscribers and a vast array of content.

However, while Tencent does have an international offering available in Canada, it’s not the same comprehensive service that you receive if you access the platform from within China.

Fortunately, we have a method to help you get around this geoblock to access the Tencent VIP service. Are you ready to find out how you can get Tencent in Canada?

Let’s dive in!

3 Steps to Stream Tencent Video in Canada Using a VPN

Watch Tencent in Canada by following these three easy steps.

1. Subscribe to a VPN service and download the software.
2. Log on to your account, choose the Chinese sever.
3. Open the Tencent platform and watch any content you want.

Is Tencent Video Available in Canada?

Unfortunately, the Tencent streaming service is available for Canadians. Tencent operates within China, and you can access the site from outside of China, but with limited content on the platform.

Fortunately, there is a way to circumvent this issue and access the entire content library, as if you were viewing Tencent Video from within China.

Download and install a Virtual Private Network (VPN) to your device, or setting a VPN upon your router gives you a chance to access the Tencent site.

After downloading and installing the VPN, you’ll open it and navigate the dashboard. You’ll find a list of server destinations in countries around the world. Select the China server and connect to your VPN. The VPN server runs your connection through its network, changing the IP address of your connection.

Your IP is the unique digital signature of your device, and it’s what’s stopping you from accessing Tencent. However, the VPN server swaps out your IP for a Chinese-based IP address. As a result, when you log onto the Tencent site, the server thinks you’re accessing it from China, allowing you to use the service.

As long as you stay connected to your VPN, the Tencent site won’t know any better, and you have full access to any content on the platform. It’s also important to note that Tencent Video requires you to have a Chinese-based phone number and QQ code.

However, if you are a Chinese national, you probably have the phone number and QQ code on hand to access the service with your VIP subscription and VPN.

Will Tencent Video Ever Come to Canada?

Tencent video offers international customers its “WeTV” platform, launched in 2018. There are issues involving government regulation surrounding the platform, limiting access to the entire content library on the site. So, if you want unlimited access to watch Tencent in Canada, you’ll need to access it through a VPN.

Due to government regulation and licensing issues, the company can’t offer all its content to the international market. If they were to provide everything for a global audience, they could face potential government backlash. They would also have to pay millions of dollars in annual licensing fees, making Tencent Video an unviable business model for the firm.

What is Tencent Video?

Founded in 1998, Tencent is a Chinese-owned multinational conglomerate based in Shenzhen, China. The company has several subsidiaries, and it focuses on providing entertainment, AI, and tech solutions to the Chinese and global markets.

Tencent is also the largest video game retailer globally, with a huge local following in China. Some of the services offered through the Chinese platform include social networks, regional and international music, web portal access, e-commerce, payments services, internet services, smartphones, and multiplayer online gaming platforms.

Tencent Video is a subsidiary of Tencent Holdings, with an astounding 900-million active mobile users and 89-million VIP subscribers.

Despite its massive footprint, it might surprise you to learn that Tencent video is the second-largest streaming platform in China, behind the Baidu-owned iQIYI.

However, Tencent Video has a huge content library covering Chinese-made TV shows and animation. More than 65% of the content on Tencent Video is original, and you have plenty of homemade dramas, micro-movies, and short films.

How Much Does Tencent Video Cost?

Tencent video recently increased its subscription cost in April 2021. Unfortunately, subscribers had to deal with the price of the service doubling, causing some unrest in the consumer market. However, the movie didn’t seem to damage Tencent’s subscriber base, and the company retains its following.

If you want to sign up for Tencent, you have the option of taking a VIP subscription for $64.99 per year. The basic WeTV service has a free viewing option without a subscription, but you get a limited content selection.

If you want full access to all content on the platform, you’re going to need to take a VIP subscription. You can pay for your subscription using an Alipay account, WeChat Pay, as well as MasterCard, or Visa credit cards.

What are the Top Shows/Movies on Tencent Video?

Tv Shows

Some of the top-rated programming and content available through the Tencent Video platform include the following.

  • Arcane (2021)
  • Komi Can’t Communicate (2021)
  • Scissor Seven (2018)
  • Battle Through the Heavens (2017)
  • Dragon Blade (2015)
  • You are My Glory (2021)
  • We Best Love (2021)
  • Douluo Continent (2021)

Tencent Video Pros and Cons


  • Access to the largest collection of Chinese-based video content.
  • International viewers can access WeTV.
  • Subscription prices doubled in 2021.


  • You need a Chinese phone number and QQ code for VIP access.
  • Limited content is available on the international WeTV platform.

Tencent Video Canada FAQs

Can I watch Tencent Video in Canada?

Yes, you can view the international version of Tencent Video “WeTV” in Canada. However, WeTV doesn’t give you full access to everything on the platform. To access the entire content library, you’ll need to download a VPN and access the site. It’s also important to note that you’ll need a local QQ number and Chinese-registered phone number when signing up for the VIP service on the platform.

Is Tencent Video Worth Getting?

If you’re a Chinese national living in Canada, you likely have a Chinese-based phone number and a WeChat account. Combined with a VPN, you can access Tencent Video VIP from Canada and view the entire content catalog. It’s a great idea for those Chinese people living outside of China that want access to the same entertainment they get in their home country.