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How And Where To Watch The Father In Canada?

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Anthony Hopkins is a real gem. He gives delicate interpretations to each character he plays, fully bringing them to life. The Father is another one of his masterpieces. It depicts a man’s struggle with dementia and family responsibilities.

Unable to watch The Father in your city? Follow this guide to see how you can watch all licensed content legally without having to move country.

Where To Watch The Father In Canada?

The Father was released in theatre in 2020. Following the impact of the pandemic, it soon became available on video on demand.

Amazon Prime

In Canada, The Father is available on Amazon Prime. Viewers that have subscribed to Amazon Prime can watch the movie for free. Otherwise, you have to pay to rent or purchase the movie.

Renting the movie allows you to watch the movie as much as you want within a time limit. Buying the movie gives you lifetime access to this specific movie. Amazon Prime also offers a 30-day free trial so new members can enjoy all the content on the platform. Viewers can choose a plan suitable for their needs.

Can I Watch The Father Any Other Way In Canada?

If you are in Canada, you can only watch The Father on Amazon Prime.

You can use a VPN

However, just a border away, American audiences can watch The Father on far more channels. It is available for purchase on:

To watch the movie in Canada, you need to bypass the geographical restriction that automatically removes the content on your platform. All of these platforms deliver content based on your location. Once you are out of the issuing region, the content will become unavailable.

It is tricky to watch copyrighted content in another country. Still, it doesn’t mean you have to move countries to enjoy a show or a film. Use a VPN to browse unrestricted content from anywhere. A VPN allows you to connect from a server located in another region. Thus, the receiver will deliver appropriate content according to the location.

You can enjoy double or triple the content with the same subscription by installing a VPN. For example, you can now purchase The Father through Apple TV in the US. Most streaming platforms have different movies and shows based on location.

Most of these shows are local to the area. The only way to make the most of your subscription is to get a VPN. With a VPN, there are a lot more options for watching The Father.

About The Father

The Father is a 2020 psychological drama starring Anthony Hopkins and Olivia Colman. The film follows Hopkin’s character as he battles his progressing dementia.

His daughter, portrayed by Colman, tries to help her father through the new changes in life to no avail. The father wants to put himself in denial while everyone tries to cope with his deteriorating health.

Nominated for several awards, the film was well-received by critics. People praise the film for being down to earth and touching those suffering from dementia and family members taking care of the patients. This 90-minute film is worth every minute of your time.

Can You Use a VPN To Watch Other Shows?

Yes. A VPN changes the way streaming works. Viewers are not bound by geographical licensing issues. Films can virtually reach every part of the world without violating the law. Viewers are still expected to pay a subscription fee to the corresponding platform. With the same money, you now have more entertainment.

Streaming giants like Netflix and Hulu never offer the same shows across their service regions. There will be more content available in one country than in the other. The genres may also vary.

Sometimes, content may be edited out in some countries to meet the editorial standards set by the authority, leading to viewers seeing different endings based on the location.

The only thing users should pay attention to is the audio and subtitle settings. For example, when you are in Canada, the audio source is automatically English if it is available.

But when you change the location to France, the films may become French and not always be available in English, even if it is the original language source. It all depends on the platform settings.

It is the same situation with subtitles. Some shows will not provide English subtitles. If you need subtitles, you should check carefully which region provides the language you want. The language settings will change when you jump among different locations.

How To Use a VPN?

VPN on a phone

woman holding phone with app vpn creation Internet protocols for protection private network

VPN configuration and settings are more or less the same with all providers. The goal is to make it as accessible as possible, even for non-tech-savvy family members. Select your desired VPN service provider in your city. Read reviews and listen to recommendations from coworkers and friends.

Each provider has a list of countries they cover. Check to see if every location you are looking for is on the list. Once you have signed up for the right VPN company, you just have to install the plug-in on your browser.

The plug-in works the same way as every plug-in. All you need to do is to click on the logo and sign in to your account. Then, you can select which region to divert your online address. The VPN will handle everything from there.

Using a VPN is simple, fast, and efficient. There is nothing complicated that would deter users. That said, choosing the right provider and learning about the coverage is crucial. In some cases, the provider can mark specific locations as premium.

Those locations will cost extra to establish a connection. Others will allow you to connect from any server they have. Users need to check carefully to avoid paying extra.

VPN services these days are stable. They are very unlikely to crash or malfunction. If you have been repeatedly logged out of a session or are unable to establish a connection, contact your service provider.

Is It Legal To Use a VPN?

Yes. The use of VPNs is legal in most countries in the world, including Canada and the US. Internet users will not get into legal trouble for using a VPN. That said, illicit activities committed while using a VPN can still be criminalized.

Although users have far more chances to come into contact with endless online resources with a VPN, they are still liable for the legal consequences. Changing the virtual address does not exonerate users from violating the law in their physical region.

For example, if a user keeps uploading or downloading copyrighted content or spreads sexually inappropriate materials, they can still be held responsible. An internet manhunt will be in place for the authority to catch whoever is responsible.

On the other hand, using a VPN to enjoy streaming perks is perfectly legal and safe. Users are always recommended to use a VPN to enhance their browsing experience. The government does not ban the use of VPNs at all. Nonetheless, users should not visit any illegal sites or download any content containing illicit materials.

Should You Use a VPN All The Time?

Yes, even if you are not using it to stream content. Internet users are exposed to many risks online. A VPN cleverly hides your real location without obstructing your routine. Installing a VPN is a prime method to fight against malicious attacks.

Activating your VPN is simple. Using a VPN all the time adds an extra layer of protection as your real IP address is never visible to online visitors. It adds difficulty to their attacks. When you are using the internet for sensitive activities such as banking, you need a VPN.

Deactivate the VPN after each session if you share the device with others. No one except your trusted people should have access to your VPN account. Do not mistake a VPN for a firewall. They serve two entirely different purposes.

A firewall protects your local device from opening a contaminated file or document, while a VPN lowers the chance of online attacks. A VPN does not scan a virus when you download a file. In fact, a VPN does not actually fight attackers when they have reached your local device.

It is a prevention tool rather than anti-virus software. Therefore, a firewall is irreplaceable. They complement each other in maximizing your privacy.

There are more online crimes in recent years, and a VPN is a perfect tool on top of your existing tools. You still need an anti-virus program and a firewall to cover other possible sources of attacks.

Why Is Your Internet Speed Slower With a VPN?

Businessman Working on a Laptop

A lot of users mistakenly believe using a VPN will cause their internet speed to drop. This misconception comes from users experiencing a drop in streaming quality once they connect to a VPN. They believe that by sending their internet traffic through a pit stop before bouncing off to the destination, the journey is longer.

While this claim is true, most users should never see a noticeable difference in speed. The detour rarely takes up as much time as users anticipate. Under most circumstances, users should not be aware of the VPN operating. A visible delay is due to a number of factors.

A quality VPN connection will not lower your internet speed. The internet speed drops when it takes longer to reach the overseas server or it has a problem sending feedback to the destination. A poorly-managed VPN service provider may have these issues as they are not equipped with the right talent.

Not having fast enough internet, to begin with, will cause the problem as well. Streaming requires high internet speed. The minimal difference not noticeable to the human eyes may be picked up by the streaming platform.

Thus, the video quality has to be reduced for a smoother flow. If your internet speed is very poor, you should experience trouble streaming with or without a VPN.

Another less common factor would be due to server maintenance. The VPN company could be undergoing maintenance on some of its servers, lowering their performance. Besides, despite being extremely safe, a VPN still faces cyberattacks.

When the server is under attack, the company may automatically reroute your connection to another working server. This may also cause the speed to fluctuate.

None of the factors above should justify living with a slow VPN. Whenever you have issues with the speed, always reach out to your VPN provider to troubleshoot. Enhancing your online security should not come at an extra cost.


The Father is a must-watch film for the whole family. Anthony Hopkins gave an outstanding performance that pulls on your heartstrings. Being in Canada should not strip away your right to stream the best content. Get a VPN today so you don’t miss out on any trending and classic films wherever you are.