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How To Watch United Fighting Championship (UFC) in Canada?

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If you are a fan of watching martial arts fighting, then you are probably aware of United Fighting Championship, or UFC for short.

This American fighting program is centered in Nevada, but that doesn’t mean that only those in the United States can watch this action. If you are in Canada, you can also enjoy watching this program by following this article.

UFC is available to watch in Canada using different methods. Luckily for everyone at home wanting to watch, these methods don’t involve being sneaky by watching on shady websites. The methods that will be mentioned below are all legal and safe to use.

Method One: Watch UFC on Cable

You can find all the latest fights of UFC on Canadian channels. One of the most relevant channels that you can go to is TSN (The Sports Network.) TSN has several different networks that your favorite fights can be on. These networks range from TSN to TSN 5.

If you are looking for a specific event to watch, take a look at the TSN broadcasting schedule and that will tell you when and where different events are happening on UFC.

Method Two: TSN Direct and the TSN Website


If you don’t have cable in your home, there are still many ways to watch your favorite UFC events. The cable channel TSN recently came out with TSN Direct. This is essentially a separate service that you can buy that connects you to all of your TSN broadcastings without the need for a cable.

The TSN Website

TSN has a website that you can go to so you can watch events that are happening live and events that have already happened. When you go to the website, you will see a list of all the recent UFC events that you can watch.

Head over to the “UFC on Demand” tab near the top of the website to see all the events that you can watch.

TSN Direct

TSN Direct is the streaming service version of this sports channel. Subscribing to this service allows you to access all of the programs that TSN has to offer, including UFC, whenever and wherever you want to watch it.

This streaming service is great if you still want to watch UFC on the TV but you got rid of your cable subscription. You can access TSN Direct by having the TSN app on your smart TV, having it through Roku, Amazon Firestick, and a few other devices.

TSN Direct provides very flexible subscription prices, from a $7.99 day pass to a $199.90 annual pass. As the website states, you can watch UFC through TSN Direct on your mobile device, TV, or your computer.

The TSN App

There is both a TSN app for cable and non-cable users. If you don’t have cable and want to watch UFC using TSN on the go, then you would use the TSN Direct app. That would allow you to watch UFC events anywhere and whenever.

If you have cable and have the TSN channel, you also have access to TSN Go. This is the app that allows you to use your cable credentials to sign in. Once you sign in, you will have access to all that TSN has to offer including UFC fighting events. From past events to live fights, you will be able to watch it all.

Method Three: ESPN+


TSN Direct isn’t the only streaming service that has laid claim to the UFC company. If you have ESPN+, you will be able to watch UFC in Canada. However, it is important to note that EPSN+ is a geo-restricted streaming service that only has streaming ability in the United States.

To use this service, you will have to use a VPN. There are many VPNs that work very well and that is completely safe to use.

Once you have your VPN set up, you will be able to log into or sign up for an ESPN+ account using your mobile device, computer, or even the TV. Just make sure that any device you use to access this service has a VPN on it. Otherwise, it won’t work.

ESPN+ is an affordable way to watch all of your favorite UFC events. This service is $6.99 a month, $69.99 a year, or the price will vary if you get the UFC PPV package.

If you are a general television lover, ESPN+ has the option to bundle it, Disney+, and Hulu into a $13.99 a month package. No matter what option you choose, EPSN+ has high value by giving you UFC and so many other sports show to watch.

If you are wondering what UFC PPV is, it is an ultimate bundle of everything that UFC has to offer. You will have access to exclusive events which can be super expensive on their own. While the membership price varies, what you will pay will be around $99.99 a year. That is so much less expensive than trying to purchase all the exclusive events separately.

Watch UFC on ESPN+ while you are on the go or chilling at home. There are so many devices that will play ESPN+, from Apple TV to Amazon Firestick.

If you have a smart TV, you can put this app right onto your TV. This streaming service makes it super easy to watch. As long as you have a VPN to be able to log in, you will have an affordable and easy way to watch anything on UFC.

Method Four: UFC Fight Pass


Not only will you get to see live fights if you get UFC Fight Pass, but you will also be able to get behind-the-scenes videos, news shows, and so much more. UFC Fight Pass allows you to watch anything and everything UFC related without needing a separate streaming service or cable.

Also, you don’t need a VPN for it. UFC Fight Pass is available across many countries all over the world, including Canada. You can watch it on any device, no matter where you are. It is a great way to be able to watch all your UFC-related fights without worrying about the cable bill or what device you are using.

UFC Fight Pass is $9.99 a month or $95.99 a year. The price may not be as low as ESPN+, but you won’t have to rely on a VPN and will also get so much more content by using Fight Pass.

UFC Fight Pass provides live events, UFC originals, and a huge fight library. You will never be bored watching UFC events through UFC Fight Pass. There’s simply too much content to ever get bored of.

Method Five: Pay-Per-View Providers

There are ways to watch UFC events as pay-per-view through the many services that Canadian Television has to offer. You can watch each event by purchasing them through your TV or another provider.

Watch UFC events through places such as Shaw, Bell, Rogers, Videotron, and many more. Many of these providers will cost around $65 to watch UFC events, but that can be worth it to many martial arts fans.

If you are interested in using pay-per-view providers, head over to one of the websites to check out which events are coming up and how much they cost.

Watching UFC in Canada is Easy


There is no reason for relying on shady websites that can give your phone or computer a variety of viruses to watch an event on UFC. There are so many safe and legal ways to watch the martial arts events that make you pumped up.

The easiest way of getting access to UFC is by either using UFC Fight Pass or one of the TSN services that are provided in Canada.

It doesn’t matter if you have cable or not as these services allow you to watch without relying on such. By using a smart TV or a connected device, you can watch all your favorite fights on the big screen.

Using ESPN+ plus will require you to use a VPN, but many VPNs out there are super safe to use and incredibly easy to set up. They take very little effort and will allow you to watch any UFC event that your heart desires. ESPN+ is super affordable and the plans are somewhat customizable.

You can also purchase ESPN+ UFC PPV for all the extra events that you could ever want. If nothing else works, you can always watch UFC events using one of Canada’s pay-per-view providers. Simply look up which one you want to use and purchase from the website.

The websites will make it an easy process, even if it is a bit on the pricier side.

Don’t wait to watch the latest event on UFC now that you know how to access these events from Canada. Just because UFC is based in America, that doesn’t mean that only those who live in the United States can enjoy the events. No, it’s time for you to enjoy them too.