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Can You Watch VUDU in Canada? Guide to Accessing the Platform

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Do you want to stream VUDU content from Canada? VUDU is an online streaming service based in the US market.
The content service offers on-demand movies and TV shows for rental, without the need for a subscription. VUDU is not available in Canada, but we have a method to help you get around the regional blocks, allowing you to access VUDU content.

3 Steps to Stream VUDU Canada Using a VPN

Watch VUDU in Canada by following these three easy steps.

1. Subscribe to a VPN service and download the software.
2. Log on to your account, choose the American sever.
3. Open the VUDU platform and watch any content you want.

Is VUDU Available in Canada?

Currently, Vudu is not available for Canadian residents. The service only operates in the United States. If you try to view Vudu from Canada, you’ll get an error message, and the platform won’t allow you access to its content.
However, don’t give up! You can access the VUDU platform from Canada; all you have to do is download a Virtual Private Network (VPN).

After installing the VPN on your device or router, you’ll switch on the VPN and navigate to the dashboard. You’ll see a list of destination servers – select a server in the US and connect.

The VPN routes your connection from your home network through a VPN server in the US. The VPN server changes your real IP address to an American-based IP. So, when you open the VUDU platform, the AI detects a US-based IP and assumes your accessing it from inside the United States.

As a result, you get full access to VUDU, and you can stream or download any title from the VUDU catalog.

Will VUDU Ever Come to Canada?

Unfortunately, the streaming service has no plans to bring VUDU access to Canada. The company pays a licensing fee on its content catalog, and these licenses only allow VUDU to sell content into the American market.

To spread its footprint into Canada and the rest of the world, VUDU would have to pay many millions in additional licensing fees, making the business unsustainable to operate.

Therefore, the only way to access the VUDU streaming platform is through using a Virtual Private Network (VPN).

What is VUDU?

Vudu is an online, on-demand streaming service. The company started in 2007 and was the first platform to offer digital movies for on-demand streaming in HD and 4K UHD, including Dolby Vision® and Atmos® quality.

Vudu brings you over 200,000 catalog titles featuring movies and TV shows. Unlike other streaming platforms such as Netflix, you don’t pay any monthly subscription. Instead, you pay for each title or series, and you have options to download or stream through Vudu.

Vudu has more than 60-million users, and Roku uses the Vudu platform for its official TV store. Vudu offers its subscribers the largest selection of 4K UHD content and compatibility with all your devices. You also get special deals and discounts throughout the year and options for “mix & match” bundles.

The only drawback with VUDU is that you’ll spend more on one of two titles than you would for an entire month of subscription with a platform like Netflix. However, there are plenty of titles from large Hollywood production studios that you can’t find on any other streaming service.

As a result, you get one of the best online content collections covering movies and TV shows. If you’re looking for something that’s hard to find on Amazon or Netflix, you’re more than likely to find it on VUDU.

How much does VUDU cost?

As mentioned, VUDU is not a subscription service. You pay for each TV show series or movie you choose to download or stream. The download option allows you to keep the TV series or movie, so it’s slightly more expensive than streaming content on the site.

Rental pricing for content ranges between $0.99 to $5.99, and download prices range between $4.99 to $24.99. VUDU offers you a wide range of titles in any genre if you’re looking for a platform to help you build your content library at home.

VUDU accepts payment for its content using all major credit cards like Visa, MasterCard, Amex, and Discover. You also have options for using PayPal or gift cards available from VUDU and FandangoNow.

What are the top shows/movies on VUDU?


The top-selling movies available on the VUDU platform include the following.

  • The Matrix.
  • A Nightmare on Elm Street.
  • The Mothman Prophecies.
  • City Slickers 2.
  • Panic Room.
  • When Harry Met Sally.
  • Last Man Standing.
  • You’re Next.

Some of the top-rated TV shows and series on the VUDU platform include the following.

  • Death Note (2006).
  • Mr. Bean (1990).
  • Hunter x Hunter (2011).
  • Naruto (2002).
  • Heartland (2007).
  • Father Ted (1995).
  • Blue Mountain State (2010).
  • JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure (2012).

What are the Pros and Cons of Using VUDU?


  • Over 200,000 titles, available in HD and 4K UHD formats.
  • Download or stream any content.
  • Plenty of titles that you can’t find on other services.
  • No subscription fees.


  • No access to the site from Canada.
  • Requires a VPN to access the platform from outside the US.
  • Rental and download prices are more expensive than monthly subscriptions with other content services.

VUDU Canada FAQs

Can I watch VUDU Canada in Canada?

Sure, you can watch VUDU content in Canada, but you’ll need to download and install a top-rated VPN. You’ll use the VPN to fool the VUDU server into thinking you’re accessing the platform from within the United States. This activity is perfectly legal, and you can’t get in trouble with the authorities – they won’t even know where you are in the world.

Is VUDU Canada Worth Getting?

VUDU is the ideal content service for anyone that wants on-demand content available for rental or download, with no subscription fee. VUDU brings you a huge content selection, with over 200,000 titles on the platform. All its titles are available in either HD or 4K UHD formats. Stream your favorite titles or download them to keep.