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3 Best Canadian Dedicated Server Hosting Options (2021)

A dedicated hosting solution is an ideal choice for larger sites with higher traffic volumes or those with specific resource requirements. It provides an efficient, flexible, and safe upgrade for your site’s growing traffic volumes and it comes in two different options, allowing you to tailor your hosting requirements to your business needs.

VPS Hosting

4 Best VPS Hosting Options in Canada (2021)

With a VPS hosting solution, there are fewer users sharing the server, giving you more processing power, memory allocation, hard disk space, and bandwidth. Each user on the VPS receives a virtual machine with an independent operating system and therefore, sites using VPS hosting receive a similar service experience to those using a dedicated host.

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Why We Migrated To Kinsta [2021]

Every now and then, you get an outlier, that is run by well-experienced folks who put the CUSTOMER first and build a product/service based on CUSTOMER NEEDS vs building something and shoving it into customers’ hands.

Cheap Web Hosting

3 Best Cheap Web Hosting Options in Canada (2021)

Hosting is a critical part of your website and one of the cornerstones of your online business. While there are plenty of cheap hosting providers out there, choosing the most affordable offering might not always be the best solution. We will explain the main features you should consider (before price) when selecting your web host.