Web Hosting

Managed Hosting

What is Managed Hosting & Do I Need It?

A managed hosting solution is when the hosting provider handles all aspects of your web server’s setup, maintenance, and operation. Managed hosting covers a wide range of web hosting solutions, saving website owners with limited technical expertise the hassle of maintaining their server and site themselves.

Types of Web Hosting

Understanding the Different Types of Web Hosting

Every website needs a hosting server, but when purchasing web hosting, you will come across several options for service providers and subscription packages. In order to pick a package that best suits your website, it’s important to understand the differnces amongst the various types of hosting.

Free Web Hosts Canada

The Hidden Costs of Free Web Hosting

Free hosting might come at no upfront cost, but there are usually limitations on bandwidth and disk space. The hosting provider will also usually run ads on the free hosting model to recover the service’s costs and most hosting companies don’t put much effort into monitoring and maintaining a free service.

Reseller Hosting

Guide to Reseller Hosting: What It Is & How It Works

Reseller hosting describes a hosting model where the hosting company sells reseller hosting packages to individuals or companies, usually like web developers and web design agencies. The reseller gets an account with the hosting company, allowing them to offer hosting services to their clients.

Linux vs Windows Hosting

Linux vs Windows Web Hosting

Linux and Windows hosting are two popular options for server operating systems, but Linux is the more widespread choice due to its open-source OS. The Linux platform comes with a cPanel, allowing developers which simplifies developer tasks and allows you to handle all aspects of your website on one platform.