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Here’s How & Where To Watch Conversations with Friends in Canada

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If you’ve heard about the steamy and gripping TV adaption of Sally Rooney’s Conversations with Friends, you are probably dying to start watching.

However, since the show is only available on Hulu or BBC Iplayer (both of which are geo-restricted in Canada), you will need to use a VPN service, or you may be able to watch on Amazon Prime.

Thankfully, you don’t have to miss out on the show just because of your location. There are plenty of ways to watch Conversations With Friends in Canada, and this article will show you how.

Where Can You Stream Conversations With Friends Online?

There are only a few streaming platforms to watch Conversations with Friends and to use some of them in Canada, you’ll need a VPN.

We cover how to use a VPN below:

Amazon Prime

If you have an Amazon Prime account, you can watch Conversations with Friends through the Amazon Prime Video service.

This is probably the easiest way to get your fill of Conversations with Friends. So if you have a Prime membership with your Amazon account, you will be able to go to Amazon Prime Video and watch the show.

Amazon Prime comes with a 30-day free trial, and is then just CDN$ 9.99 a month plus taxes, and can be canceled anytime.



You can stream Conversations With Friends online on Hulu, although due to geo-restrictions in Canada on the US platform, you will need a VPN too. Once you have a Hulu subscription service, you can stream all the episodes of Conversations With Friends. 

ow, if you have never used Hu`lu before, you have three main options for service:

  • Hulu (With Ads)
  • Hulu (No Ads)
  • Hulu + Live TV

All of these are pretty self-explanatory, where Hulu with ads will cost you USD 6.99 per month, or USD 70 for an annual subscription. Hulu and no ads will run you $12.99 a month. While Hulu and Live TV is around USD 70 a month, this price can change depending on the bundles and add-ons you get.

BBC iPlayer

You can also find the show on BBC iPlayer, which is a streaming service for those in the UK, so to watch in Canada, you will need a VPN.

With iPlayer, you can watch all the shows on the BBC iPlayer catalog, as well as cast the app on your phone, smart television, or another compatible device. You will need to create an account on the app, but it doesn’t cost any money.

Yep, it is essentially free to run the app, but BBC iPlayer should technically only be used by those who pay for a UK television license.

Paying for a license costs $192.18 per year (£159 per year), which is equivalent to paying $3.65 per week (£3.02 per week) or $15.87 per month (£13.13 per month). So it is not that expensive when compared to other services. You can run the app for free without a license, but be aware that it is not advised.

Watching Conversations with Friends In Canada With A VPN

The two easiest ways to watch Conversations with Friends in Canada are to either use Amazon Prime Video or, if you have a friend in the US or UK, ask them if you can use their Hulu or BBC iPlayer account.

However, if those two ways aren’t applicable to you, then you need to download a VPN (Virtual Private Network) in order to watch the geo-restricted content.

A VPN is a service you can download that hides your location and allows you to make your computer from anywhere. For example, if you live in the US but want to change your server location to Canada, you can.

But VPNs aren’t just for getting around geo-restrictions, they can also keep you safe. VPNs hide your IP address on an encrypted server which shields your location from corporations, government agencies, and even hackers, which keeps you safe no matter where you are or what Wi-Fi you are using.

You can use them for remote work setups, to access geo-locked locations, or to just add an extra layer of protection in this increasingly digital world. VPNs are free, legal, and pretty easy to use. Once you find the right one for your needs, you can easily start watching Conversations with Friends. Here’s how to do that.

Choose And Install Your VPN

VPN on a laptop

There are countless VPN options out there, but most people like Express VPN or Pure VPN when it comes to watching TV shows.

  • Express VPN is 13 USD per month or 10 USD for six months
  • Pure VPN is 11 USD per month

So they are both pretty reasonable for what you get in terms of protection, security, and online peace of mind. Once you choose and subscribe to your VPN service of choice, you can download that service to your devices of choice, which should be all of them!

We highly recommend ExpressVPN for a fast and seamless streaming experience or something more interesting

Offer: Get 12 + 3 months free!

Once you log in, your steps will be different depending on what service you want to watch Conversations With Friends on

Watching Conversations with Friends On Hulu with a VPN

  1. Log into your VPN, then connect to a US-based server on the list
  2. Go and create your Hulu account and sign into that
  3. Tune into Conversations with Friends!

If you can’t access Hulu, then try to go back to your VPN and pick another server, though you shouldn’t run into too many problems and it should work first try.

If you don’t have any American payment methods to sign up for Hulu in Canada, then you can go to a website like “” and buy a Hulu gift card. Then use that to pay for the subscription. You can also get and use an American Virtual prepaid card and use Paypal to make your payment as well.

Watching Conversations With Friends On BBC iPlayer with a VPN

  1. Pick and log into a UK server on your VPN
  2. Go to BBC iPlayer and create your account
  3. Once you download and sign into the app, you should confirm that you have purchased a TV license
  4. Then you can get watching Conversations with Friends using the application

About Conversations With Friends

Conversations With Friends is adapted from a book of the same name by author Sally Rooney. It premiered on May 15th, 2022, and all episodes of the 12-episode first season are out and ready to watch if you are the type of person who loves to binge TV!

Conversations With Friends is about two best friends (and exes), Frances and Bobbi, and a married couple they encounter while on vacation: Nick and Melissa, as complicated relationships arise between them all.

It’s a show about love, society, and societal norms around love, trust, and desire. So if that sounds like your cup of tea, then you will love Conversations With Friends.

Where Else Can I Find Similar Content?

If you’ve just binged the entire 12-episode season of Conversations with Friends and can’t get enough, then you are in luck. First, it is based on a book by author Sally Rooney, and you can find the book on Amazon, wherever books are sold, or at your local bookstore. It’s always interesting to see what the book leaves in that the show leaves out, and vice versa. Plus, if you loved the show, then the Conversations with Friends book will be amazing to read.

If that doesn’t satiate you, then another of Sally Rooney’s books was adapted into a 12-episode series (available in the same places as Conversations with Friends).

This book is called Normal People, and it is a story about two students, Marianne and Connell, who fall in and out of one another’s lives in Ireland as they grow up and deal with the challenges of leaving high school and going to college.

It can be a little harder to watch than Conversations with Friends because it does deal with psychological content such as bullying, suicide, mental health, and abuse, but if you think that sounds interesting, you can read the book and watch the series.

Finally, Sally Rooney has one last book out, and it is her newest. While it hasn’t been adapted into a series yet, the book “Beautiful World, Where Are You?” Tells the story of Alice, Eileen, Felix, and Simon, all involved in various jobs and also dealing with a love quadrangle together.

The book tells a story of romance, friendship, social class, and precarity in life, and it also has chapters separated by emails and letters that the characters send one another, adding an extra layer to the story. So if you love Sally Rooney’s work, you can read that book or wait for a series to be made from it!

Take Advantage Of Your VPN

With 12 30-minute episodes, it won’t take you that long to binge your way through Conversations with Friends, and even if you don’t binge the show and watch one episode a day or so, it still won’t take up a lot of time.

So if you have finished Conversations with Friends and still have your VPN, take advantage of it. See what else is on Hulu or BBC iPlayer, because there’s bound to be something from the states or from the UK that you want to watch! Even if you don’t have a show in mind, you should at least find something that looks interesting!

Even if you only want to use the VPN to watch Conversations with Friends and nothing else, you should still use it in order to keep yourself safe from prying eyes that might be watching your email address. Some VPNs can even be used for work if you decide that some extra work security could benefit you and your job.

You Can Watch Conversations with Friends In Canada!

Don’t let a little thing like geo-restrictions stop you from watching a hit new television show. If you don’t want Amazon Prime Video, and you don’t want to borrow a friend’s password to watch the show, then take the time to find a VPN that you trust and then use it to change your location.

Then you can safely and legally watch Conversations with Friends in Canada, as well as all the other geo-restricted content that you can find on the services.

Who knows, you might just find your next binge-worthy show from another country and add that to your list of shows to watch. Or you might fall in love with Sally Rooney’s work and add a brand new author to your must-read stack of books!