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4 Best WordPress Hosting Options for Canadians

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WordPress is the world’s favorite Content Management System (CMS).

It powers more websites than any other platform, about 39% of the web as per[1] and it’s a favorite choice for developers due to its endless range of customizations and beautiful templates.

WordPress is so popular that many of the best hosting companies now offer a product specifically geared towards hosting WordPress sites.

WordPress hosting provides your site with a hosting solution that’s optimized for the platform.

WordPress hosts also come with a range of useful features for webmasters, such as one-click website installation.

Some hosting providers also offer updates and security patches for your software and site included in your subscription.

Aftering testing countless different WordPress specific hosting providers for our own site, we’ve compiled the 4 best ones based on our experiences, as well as overall features and pricing.

If you don’t need WordPress specific hosting, navigate to our web hosting category page for other hosting recommendations.

1. Kinsta



  • Premium Managed WordPress Hosting Provider – ONLY offers WordPress hosting
  • Leverages the Google Cloud Platform with global data centers including Montreal
  • Proprietary software built to offer blazing fast WordPress implementations
  • Expert 24 x 7 Support from WordPress developers through Online Messaging system
  • In business since 2013
  • Headquartered in California


Kinsta Reviews and Rating

Check out our Kinsta review for more details on what we think about the platform.

Rated 4.8 out of 5 on G2 with over 200 reviews. They also continuously win various awards from G2.


Kinsta WordPress Hosting Features

  • Fully managed service
  • MyKinsta – Proprietary dashboard built specifically to manage WordPress websites
  • No Fixed term contracts – Instant prorated refunds
  • Easily upgrade or downgrade based on your needs
  • Free migrations

Kinsta offers 10 different hosting plans in the tiers of Starter, Pro, Business and Enterprise.

We’ll focus on the Starter and Pro tiers in this article.

Number of Sites12
SSD Storage10GB20GB
Monthly VisitorsUp to 25,000Up to 50,000
Staging EnvironmentYesYes


Kinsta WordPress Hosting Prices in USD

$30 per month
2 Free Months if you pay annually becoming the equivalent of $25 per month

$60 per month
2 Free Months if you pay annually becoming the equivalent of $50 per month
See Full Plan and Price List


Kinsta Data Centers

Kinsta leverages the Google Cloud Platform instead of maintaining their own physical hardware, allowing them to offer clients automatic scalability in an isolated environment, made possible by their proprietary software.

They have 24 data center locations globally, including a Canadian one, which is in Montreal.



Kinsta focuses on WordPress hosting only for sites of all sizes, which makes them ideal for smaller and medium sized businesses as well as entrepreneurs starting on their journey who want to pair up with a provider that will easily scale as their business grows.

As many websites are started on WordPress, having a web host that specializes in the particular platform is helpful.

Tech Daily uses Kinsta!

As far as WordPress hosting goes, Kinsta makes for a great option for anyone who wants WordPress experts at their fingertips, from both a hardware and software point of view.

The usage of containers and a strong engineering team affords Kinsta the ability to guarantee a 99.9% uptime.

Kinsta offers users an easy way to scale their solutions and their managed WordPress offering is one of the best in the industry.

Kinsta offers premium 24/7/365 customer support so whether you are an advanced user or someone just starting out, you can rest assured that there is someone also available to discuss your needs, any time, any day.
Learn more at



2. DreamPress by DreamHost

DreamHost Logo


  • Over 1.5 million websites hosted
  • Over 750,000 WordPress installations completed
  • Over 400,000 customers across 100+ countries
  • 24 x 7 x 365 Support – Email / Live Chat
  • Privately held US company founded in 1997 based in California


DreamPress Reviews and Rating

DreamPress is an offering from DreamHost, and overall they’re rated 4.7 out of 5 by over 1,400 people on TrustPilot.

DreamHost Reviews

DreamPress WordPress Hosting Features

  • Blazing fast speeds with built-in caching services
  • On demand and daily backups
  • 1-Click Staging environments
  • Expert WordPress Support team available to help
  • Free migration from your existing host
  • WP Website Builder included with all plans
  • Jetpack Professional ($299 value) included with Plus and Pro plans

DreamPress offers 3 different tiers of service: DreamPress, DreamPress Plus and DreamPress Pro.

DreamPress Plus
DreamPress Pro
Number of Sites111
SSD Storage30GB60GB120GB
Monthly VisitorsUp to 100,000Up to 300,000~1,000,000
Staging EnvironmentYesYesYes


DreamPress WordPress Hosting Prices in USD

$12 per month no commitment

DreamPress Plus:
$24 per month no commitment

DreamPress Pro:
$79.95 per month
$71.95 with an annual term
See Full Plan and Price List


DreamHost Data Centers

DreamHost has 2 large data centers in the USA from where they provide all of their different hosting services.

  1. Ashburn, Virginia
  2. Hillsboro, Oregon



DreamPress is a unique managed Worpdress offering from DreamHost, a large US based hosting company with over 1.5 million websites hosted.

In addition to DreamPress, they also offer basic WordPress hosting for as low as $2.49 per month as well as VPS WordPress hosting from only $10 per month for those who want complete control of their servers.

The DreamPress offering however is what we’ve focused on here as the WordPress experts at DreamHost are offering an optimized service – both in terms of speed and security – at a reasonable price, allowing you to focus on the things that matter most to you.

In the hosting business for over 20 years now, DreamHost understands the needs of customers and serves them through 2 large US based data centers.

Their 24 x 7 x 365 Support is just a click away and their team of WordPress experts are also available to help with migrations, upgrades, transfers and just about anything else WordPress related that you need help with.
Learn more at



3. WPEngine

WPEngine logo


  • Fully managed WordPress only hosting provider
  • 500,000+ digital experiences are powered by WPEngine
  • 120,000+ customers in over 140 countries
  • 24 x 7 x 365 Support – Phone / Email / Live Chat
  • Privately held US company founded in 2010 based in Texas


WPEngine Reviews and Rating

WPEngine has a rating of 4.6 out of 5 on G2 based on over 130 reviews.


WPEngine WordPress Hosting Features

  • Super fast load times with optimized server settings and WPEngine’s EverCache proprietary caching technology
  • Full management of WordPress patches and core updates
  • 36 StudioPress Themes powered by Genesis Framework
  • Development, Staging and Production Environments along with One-Click staging
  • Real-time security threat detection
  • Automated daily backups

WPEngine offers 3 different tiers of service: Startup, Growth and Scale.

Number of Sites11030
SSD Storage10GB20GB50GB
Monthly VisitorsUp to 25,000Up to 100,000Up to 400,000
Staging EnvironmentYesYesYes


WPEngine WordPress Hosting Prices in USD

$30 per month no commitment
$25 per month with annual commitment

$115 per month no commitment
$95.83 per month with annual commitment

$290 per month
$241.67 per month with annual commitment
See Full Plan and Price List


WPEngine Data Centers

Similar to Kinsta, WPEngine leverages the Google Cloud Platform as well as Amazon Web Services (AWS) to deliver their managed hosting solutions to customers.

This means they have global coverage, and you can choose which data center you would like your website hosted in as long as it fits within the terms of the plan you’ve selected.

They do offer hosting in the Montreal Google Cloud data center as well as the Montreal AWS data center for Canadians that want their data to stay in Canada.

Here’s a full list of available data centers.


WPEngine focuses on only one thing and that one thing is WordPress hosting.

While some may think the price is a little high, consider the fact that the entire WPEngine team is solely focused on supporting your WordPress websites.

With proprietary technology paired up with the Google Cloud Platform and Amazon Web services, WPEngine provides you a solution that can seamlessly scale with your business as it grows.

Based out of Texas and in business for over 10 years, WPEngine’s team of WordPress experts are available around the clock to support any of your website’s technical needs.

There development/staging/production environments set up is rarely seen at a price point this low and allows you to seamlessly continue building your business in the background while your customers enjoy your product or service on the front-end.

If you’re looking for a team of experts that really know WordPress, WPEngine is probably a good fit for you.
Learn more at



4. WHC



  • Canadian business privately owned and operated
  • Canadian data centers
  • 130,000+ websites hosted
  • 24 x 7 Support in English and French – Phone / Email / Live Chat
  • In business since 2003
  • Based in Montreal, Quebec


WHC Reviews and Rating

Rated 4.9 out of 5 by over 2,000 customers on Google.

WHC Reviews

WHC WordPress Hosting Features

  • New installation with pre-installed plug-ins ready in 60 seconds
  • Installation, updates, performance and security handled by WHC
  • Fast load times with setups optimized for WordPress
  • Built in support for multilingual websites

WHC offers 3 different tiers of WordPress hosting service, WP Go, WP Pro and WP Beast.

WP Pro
WP Beast
Number of Sites111
SSD Storage10GB25GB50GB
Monthly VisitorsUp to 25,000Up to 100,000Up to 500,000
Staging EnvironmentNoYesYes


WHC WordPress Hosting Prices in CAD

WP Go:
$3.49 per month – 36 month term
$4.49 per month – 12 month term
$5.49 per month – No term

WP Pro:
$4.99 per month – 36 month term
$5.99 per month – 12 month term
$6.99 per month – No term

WP Beast:
$9.99 per month – 36 month term
$10.99 per month – 12 month term
$11.99 per month – No term

Renewal prices may vary.
See Full Plan and Price List


WHC Data Centers

Web Hosting Canada leverages a 100% Canadian cloud through their data centers located across the country.

Pair that up with Cloudflare’s CDN, which is included in your plan to automatically distribute content from servers around the world for a global presence.

  1. Montreal, Quebec
  2. Vancouver, British Columbia



Web Hosting Canada’s WordPress hosting offer is a great tailored solution for those who prefer to use the WordPress platform for their site.

The difference between WHC’s shared hosting and WordPress hosting packages is that the WordPress servers are optimized to run WordPress as fast as possible.

This includes multiple levels of caching and the ability to leverage Cloudflare’s CDN network to serve content from their servers as well.

They also keep the servers up to date with the latest PHP and database versions.

Security is a critical piece to keeping your WordPress setup secure and one that we know is a painstaking task to accomplish with WordPress.

WHC’s included Immunify360 is a 6 layer firewall meant to keep your website secure.

You get the peace of mind that Web Hosting Canada is completing daily backups and automatic WordPress updates as part of your plan.

And SSL certificates are included free of charge as well!

At under $5 per month, this is a great hosting option for your WordPress website.

Current Promo: Up to 50% off your first term. See full details on their website.
Learn more at



Why Do Companies Offer WordPress Specific Hosting?

As the internet grows, technology is evolving every day. WordPress is the most popular CMS, but there are dozens of other choices for website builders.

WordPress hosting has been designed with the optimal build and configuration for WordPress sites.

As hosting companies realized that the WordPress market share was becoming larger and larger, this new hosting product was developed and introduced to the market.

By offering customized hosting solutions, hosting companies appeal to a niche market, promising a better user experience.

However, the catch with WordPress-specific hosting is that it typically costs more than standard web hosting packages.


Do I Need WordPress Specific Hosting?

In most cases, it’s not necessary to go for WordPress-specific hosting for your site.

You’ll get along fine with a standard hosting solution.

However, there are times when WordPress specific hosting can benefit your website. Here are some of the advantages of working with a WordPress-specific host.


WordPress Server Configurations

The hosting provider configures the server for optimal performance of the WordPress application.

As WordPress continues to release new versions of their code, the host tweaks the configuration to always keep your implementation running smoothly.


Enhanced Security

Hackers understand WordPress sites, and they know where to look for every security flaw in your site and system.

A WordPress-specific hosting solution focuses on your site’s safety against WordPress specific threats.


Easy Setup

Pre-configured server settings allow for easy integrations with tools like content delivery networks (CDNs) and SSL certificates.


User Friendly

WordPress hosting offers a user-friendly installation and navigation using the same Linux cPanel as other sites.

The hosting solution also features custom pre-installed software, and you get automatic updates for your site.

A WordPress specific hosting solution may also have specific plug-ins pre-installed and sometimes mandatory from the host.


WordPress Hosting vs Normal Web Hosting

Choosing the right type of hosting for your website boils down to your requirements.

WordPress-specific hosting isn’t necessary if you’re a startup just looking to get a quick 5 page web presence up.

However, if you have the budget and plan to launch a fast-growing site, including WordPress-specific hosting in your build is worth the extra expense.

You get additional security and user-friendly functions that assist you with managing your website, leaving you with one less thing to worry about.

Overall, WordPress hosting saves you time, and it gives you a custom solution tailored to your WordPress website.


WordPress Hosting vs Shared Hosting

WordPress hosting is a specific type of hosting geared towards WordPress users.

However, you get access to different types of WordPress hosting.

Hosting companies may offer WordPress hosting packages for shared, VPS, dedicated, and managed solutions.

Shared hosting describes a model where your host allocates you space on a server.

You’ll share the server with many other sites.

The disadvantage of shared hosting involves the server itself. If a site experiences a traffic overload, the entire server may go down, along with your website.

Shared hosting is an affordable option and a good choice for startups trying to keep costs low. However, as your site grows, you’ll need to migrate to a VPS or dedicated hosting solution.


WordPress Hosting vs Linux Hosting

WordPress is the most popular CMS, and Linux is the most popular hosting server OS.

Together, they work in synergy to bring you an outstanding experience.

If you’re running WordPress hosting, the chances are that the hosting company is using the Linux open-source software to configure and maintain the server.

The Linux OS maintains the server, not your website.

Therefore, if you’re running a WordPress website with WordPress hosting, you won’t have an issue signing up with a host using Linux OS on its servers.


WordPress Hosting vs WooCommerce Hosting

WooCommerce is a successful WordPress eCommerce plugin, that takes your WordPress implementation and enables eCommerce capabilities.

WooCommerce hosting has been introduced as a new offering lately at some hosts, although it is still niche.

Specialized WooCommerce hosting companies provide have the server configured for not only running WordPress in an optimal setting, but WordPress as an eCommerce store.

Some may also offer additional plug-ins or WooCommerce specific features.

WooCommerce hosting takes the effort out of managing your online store.

Your site comes pre-installed with WordPress and WooCommerce, and a host of customizations to increase your chances of success online.