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How To Cancel Your DAZN Subscription? – 4 Quick Ways

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The world of streaming services has become a jungle. And like a jungle, there are proud lions like Netflix right alongside bottom feeders like Paramount Plus and scavengers like Apple TV Plus.

But just like an ecosystem, there are some specialized organisms among streaming. One of the most popular is DAZN, a sports-focused streaming service that lets you watch competitions and games from around the world. You are even granted the ability to switch between broadcasts of the same game.

DAZN has a trial that is technically free but requires you to enter your credit card information. Plenty of people look at this and hear alarm bells go off in their heads.

Is this trial really free? Will it charge your account if you’re not careful? How do you cancel it to prevent that from happening?

You don’t need to worry, however. You can cancel a DAZN subscription on any device, at any time. And we are going to show you how to do it.

Canceling DAZN Through a Browser


The most common way of canceling any subscription service is through a web browser. To cancel DAZN through a web browser, follow these steps:

  • Go to DAZN’s official site
  • Log in to your account
  • Navigate to the page labeled “My Account”
  • Click the “Cancel Subscription” button

It will ask you your reason for canceling your subscription, but you don’t have to give one.

Now, you might be wondering: That doesn’t seem hard, why does it require a tutorial? Well, the buttons you need to press to cancel the subscription are not obvious to everyone. But more importantly, the most obvious way to cancel a subscription through the website is actually to use the chat service.

The live chat service will start off using a chatbot to automatically navigate you to a specialist that can help you with whatever you need… Or at least that’s what they say it’s doing. In reality, you are being given the first customer service representative that you can get, meaning they don’t always know what they are doing in relation to what you are asking. But it gets worse than that.

These customer service representatives are trained to make canceling your subscription as hard as possible. Internet chat services are not really well-regulated, meaning they don’t actually have any obligation to let you cancel a subscription service unless you live in the state of California in the US.

Canceling DAZN Through a Roku Device

While canceling through a web browser is extremely common, there are many people who have no interest in trying to navigate a web browser. For them, the easiest device to navigate is the device that they use to watch DAZN’s sports broadcasts: The Roku device plugged into their TV.

Luckily, operating Roku is easier than operating the website if you know what you’re looking for.

  • Open your Roku account page
  • Go to the “Options” section
  • Select “Manage Subscriptions”
  • Then, click on “Additional Options”
  • This will bring up a list of different subscriptions you have. DAZN will be among them. Click it.
  • Click “Cancel Subscription”
  • Click “Confirm” and your subscription will be canceled

The reason that this is so much easier is that the subscription is not serviced by DAZN and your credit card directly. Instead, the Roku app store acts as an intermediary. And fortunately for everyone, this app store has standards for its users. Namely, the ability to cancel subscriptions at any time.

Canceling DAZN Through Google Play

But what if you are the kind of person who primarily watches DAZN on your phone? Don’t worry, we got your back. Just like with Roku’s app store, the Google Play app store is designed to let people cancel their subscriptions easily. Though because it’s on a phone, the Google Play Store is navigated differently.

  • Open the Google Play Store app
  • Hit the “menu” button, which may be represented by three lines rather than anything with a label, depending on your phone
  • Click on the “subscriptions” tab
  • DAZN should appear as an option among the subscriptions, click it
  • Then, click “cancel subscription” and confirm it

Something you might have noticed is that there is nowhere on the DAZN app itself where you can cancel your subscription. This is why it is so important to know where to cancel your subscription through all these other means.

But there is one way you can cheat by canceling your subscription on the DAZN app.

Canceling DAZN Through Amazon

And last but not least, we have Amazon Prime Video. This one is the most difficult, as Amazon Prime Video is notorious for how bad its interface can be. It will be an ordeal getting DAZN in the first place, much less canceling it once you are not getting your money’s worth from it.

Here are the steps on how to cancel DAZN through Amazon Prime Video:

  • Go to your Amazon account (it doesn’t matter if you do this through their storefront or through Amazon Prime Video)
  • Click on the tab that says “Memberships and Subscriptions”
  • Go to the “Manage Subscriptions” section
  • After that, click “Advanced Controls”
  • There, you will find the DAZN subscription. Click on it
  • Click on “Cancel Subscription” and hit “Confirm”

Let this be a lesson here: Sometimes, subscriptions will be hidden behind buttons that say things like “Advanced Controls.” These are labels that are meant to keep you from pressing a button out of fear of damaging anything.

Remember, everything that causes damage will have a confirmation message. If it doesn’t have a message like that when you click it, then clicking a link will not hurt anything.

Alternative Ways To Cancel a DAZN Subscription

If you set up a credit card that expires before the free trial runs out, then it will attempt to charge the card and fail.

You can also delete the payment information before it charges it. Once more, when DAZN attempts to charge the card, it will come back with an error that you never have to resolve.

There are two more “worst case scenario” ways to deal with an unwanted DAZN subscription charge. The first is canceling the credit card you linked to your DAZN account altogether. You can report it stolen to your bank, and even use the DAZN subscription as evidence to that effect.

The second is less common and has some potential downsides, so do it with caution and with the advice of a lawyer, if at all. This is called a “chargeback.” A chargeback sounds like a football position, but it is actually something you could tell your bank to do if you paid someone something in error.

For instance, let’s say you got double charged for something at a restaurant. That wasn’t your fault, and it goes outside the bounds of the contract between you and the restaurant. You can get a chargeback on that sort of thing with no concerns at all.

Now, getting a chargeback on an online subscription service is a little different. There is a chance that DAZN will pursue some sort of legal action against you for issuing a chargeback on them. After all, if they let anyone do that, they could go out of business. But they also do not have a history of doing that.

And more to the point, free trials that require you to enter credit card information are already legally sketchy. The whole reason we bring up this possibility is that there are already states in the United States that make it illegal to put barriers between a person and the ability to cancel a subscription.

DAZN is unlikely to sue anyone for a chargeback when it is so easy to prove that they put tons of barriers between you and canceling the subscription. But of course, it is a small amount of money, so if the possibility of a chargeback backfiring on you makes you nervous, it’s rarely necessary to do all that.

Is DAZN Worth Canceling or Keeping?

A lot of people wonder this after their first month. Does DAZN get better? Does it give you your money’s worth? That question boils down to how much you like any given sport.

Remember, this is a highly specialized application. Not only does it give you all kinds of sports, but it also lets you do things like switch between cameras that are watching a game unfold.

That means that rather than waiting for your chosen cable sports’ channel to switch the camera to something that gives a clearer view, you can switch to watching that camera yourself.

For most people, that is not the kind of thing that will make DAZN worth getting.


DAZN is not the most predatory company. They do not do what Adobe does, which is charge money for the privilege of canceling their services. That is when chargebacks are really necessary.

However, DAZN still makes it hard for people to manage and cancel a subscription. And that reflects poorly on a company no matter what, as a captive audience is rarely a pleased audience.