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Can I Watch Hotstar in Canada, Yes Here is What You Need to Know [2022]

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How to Watch Hotstar India in Canada

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If you prefer to stream the Indian version of Hotstar in Canada, you will need to use a VPN to a server in India – check out the 3 steps below to get started: 1

1) Connect your VPN to a server in India
2) Login to your Hotstar India account
3) Select a show and start watching!


What’s The Difference Between Hotstar India and Hotstar Canada?

Yes, you can stream Hotstar in Canada, however “Hotstar India,” which is known to have a much more comprehensive content library, is not available in Canada.

As a subsidiary of Disney India, Disney+ Hotstar is one of the “hottest” streaming platforms if you are interested in watching Indian dramas, Bollywood movies, or live sports like IPL cricket.

The platform is known as Disney+ Hotstar in India and Indonesia, and known as Hotstar in North America.

The service became available in North America in 2017, however many of our viewers mentioned that their friends and family back home in India have a much better content library compared to what’s available in Canada.

If you’re subscribed to the same platform, you might be wondering why you have vastly differently content libraries?

Well, the availability of content varies as the streaming rights for sports, TV shows, and movies differ between Canada and India.



Disney Plus Hotstar Overview

Hotstar is the popular Indian video streaming service owned by the Star network, rebranded to Disney+ Hotstar in early 2020 after Disney took over Star India through their acquisition of 21st Century Fox.

The company decided on the rebrand right before the launch of Disney+ in India on March 29th.

The company also made the announcement before the start of the Indian Premier League (IPL) cricket season, a favourite Hotstar viewing event.

The rebranding included a new logo, replacing the black and yellow theme with the royal blue and white colours for the Disney Plus Hotstar platform.

With the recent acquisition, Hotstar becomes another brand under the Walt Disney Company, along with Star India and Fox Star Studios.

Unfortunately, the 2020 IPL season was cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic, but the streaming service still has plenty to offer subscribers.

Hotstar wants to dub or subtitle the entire Disney archive of movies and shows in local languages, including Tamil, Hindi, and Telugu.

Right now, all Hotstar originals are available in all seven Indian national languages.

Disney+ Hotstar offers more than 100,000 hours of content across nine languages and covers every major sporting event.

Disney+ Hotstar utilizes innovative streaming technology and multi-device compatibility, making it one of the best online destinations for Indian consumers.


Where Is Hotstar Available?

Disney+ is available worldwide in many countries.

However, Disney+ Hotstar is only available in India and more recently, in September 2020, the company included Indonesia to its list of approved regions.

After the platform’s official launch in early April 2020, Disney announced that more than 8.5 million subscribers signed up for the Disney+ Hotstar Premium tier in India.

Hotstar has over 300 million active users, and it’s the largest streaming platform available in India.

Disney+ has over 50 million global subscribers, and around 16% of them reside in India.

At present, there are no plans to expand the Disney+ Hotstar platform to other regions.

Therefore, if you want to watch Disney+ Hotstar in Canada, you’ll need a workaround.

However, Hotstar is available in Canada, for a $49.99 (CAD) annual subscription fee.

Hotstar is working on apps for Roku and Android TV.


How Much Does Hotstar Cost?

With 300 million subscribers, you might think that this platform is a cash cow for the Walt Disney Company.

The reality is that pricing tiers work differently in countries like India vs Western countries.

Disney makes Hotstar’s offering more affordable for the local market.

That’s one of the reasons why the company doesn’t offer Disney+ Hotstar internationally.

The costs of maintaining the infrastructure for a global platform doesn’t make financial sense with the current pricing model.

The Disney+ Hotstar VIP tier is Rs. 399 ($5 USD) per year, with the premium tier costing subscribers Rs. 1,499 ($20 USD) per year.

If we consider that a Disney+ subscription is $70, you can start to understand why Hotstar requires huge subscription volumes to make it financially viable for the Walt Disney Company to operate.

Hotstar revenues are around $39 million monthly, which is just over a tenth of the $333 million Disney+ earns in a financial year.

While Hotstar might seem like a barely profitable division, the Disney company persists with the deal for several reasons.

Hotstar could work as a standalone platform on the Disney network, similar to Hulu and ESPN.

However, the market reach is what interests the Disney company.

By merging with Hotstar, Disney instantly gets access to the entire user base of over 300 million subscribers.

That’s a significant competitive advantage in these markets, unlike the US, where Disney+ has a long journey left to catch up to the leaders like Netflix.

The Indian market is highly competitive, featuring more than a dozen large players.

Netflix< and Amazon Prime already have positions in the market, with a growing user base. However, both companies have fewer than 5 million subscribers.  

Top Rated Shows on Hotstar India

While Hotstar and Disney+ Hotstar are different services, there are a few similarities.

Disney+ Hotstar has more content, including the entire Disney+ content library.

Some of the most popular channels available on Disney+ Hotstar and Hotstar include:

  • Star Plus
  • Star Parvah
  • ABP News
  • Star Sports
  • HBO Original Programming
  • Star World
  • Hotstar Specials
  • Fox Life
  • 9XM
  • Star Bharat


Why Doesn’t Canada Get All the Hotstar Content?

Canada doesn’t get all the Hotstar content available on the Indian version.

Disney+ Hotstar is not available in Canada, and the company uses regional geo-blocks, limiting your content choices from locations outside of India.



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